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Blonde Go-Getter Fined $1 Million in Bank of America Fraud Case

Rebecca Mairone, a mid-level Countrywide executive in a hurry in 2007 and 2008, will pay the government $1 million and face a public shaming that may be difficult to overcome.

Why the Fed Is Right to Sit Tight on Rates

Outlook stays the same because the economy still has a backlog of weakness, and some industries are still dead.

The Change That Signaled 'This is Yellen's FOMC Now'

Fed's emphasis on job weakness suggests new chairmwoman doesn't consider inflation a threat right now

Litigation Costs, Dark Pools and Other Scandals Crush Global Banks

Billions in additional litigation costs continue to weigh down the banking sector and stock price performance in 2014.

Why DreamWorks Might Want a Takeover Offer (But Likely Won���t Get One)

As media conglomerates pair up (or at least attempt to), DreamWorks Animation is one of the few independents to be left on its lonesome to tackle waning interest in blockbusters.

Target's Woes Won't End Even If It Leaves Canada

Target Canada has fundamentally hurt Target. Should the company exit the business, it will return to a U.S. retail scene that is fast-changing. Brian Sozzi reports.

Square's New Tool Against Credit Card Fraud

Square is preparing small businesses for the EMV migration and industry shift to chip-enabled credit cards with a new reader and learning material.

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